Terms and conditions of vehicle rent with driver

Terms and conditions of car rent with driver

Order by email: in@bbus.ru

What is the difference between rent and transfer?

Rent is a vehicle used for a certain amount of hours upon request. Using the transport service for longer than it was mentioned while booking shall be paid additionally according to the company tariffs.
The transfer is a passenger carriage from point A to point B without any intermediate stops. The first 1 hour of waiting for the departure is free of charge. Every next hour shall be paid additionally according to the company tariffs.

The calculation and booking process is different for both of these services and before placing an order, we highly recommend you decide in advance about the type of service that is most appropriate for you.

To place an order, you are welcome to send a request on our e-mail in@bbus.ru, where the following information should be specified:

  • Type of vehicle (bus, minibus, car)
  • Number of passengers (specify if there will be children onboard)
  • Exact date
  • Time of transport provision
  • Rent end time
  • Full pick-up address
  • Route
  • Full drop-off address
  • Name of the contact person 
  • Available mobile number of the person in charge
  • Contact e-mail ID
  • Your order cost (in case you have already called us and know the price)

  • We work on 100% prepaid system
  • In case of exceeding or extending service time, the passenger shall pay for every additional hour
  • Parking fee is to be paid by the passenger at the point
  • The passenger is not allowed to request or force the company driver to brake the Traffic Law rules
  • If the vehicle is damaged by the passenger's fault, the passenger has to pay the total cost of the damage
  • If the car breaks down due to external causes which are beyond the company control, it will be replaced by another car of the same class free of charge in the shortest possible time