Instruction to the client

Memo to the client BusinessBus

Order by email:

Transfer: Moscow – Airport:

If you order a transfer from the hotel or from the address in Moscow - be sure to specify the exact address with the number of the entrance in the house, or the number of the building in the hotel (when you submit a car to the hotel Izmailovo, you must specify the name of the building). Do not forget to indicate your contact phone, and if you live in a hotel - indicate the room number in which you live!

If the day before the service was provided you did not receive a call from our dispatcher - we recommend that you make a control call to our control room yourself. This can be done around the clock by phone +7 495 661-5755, and it is desirable to know the reservation number that is assigned to each application.
The car is delivered at the specified time to the client's address, and if the meeting with the driver takes place in the hotel, the driver will wait for you in the lobby (not far from the reception) with the plate indicated in the application.

The driver expects customers for 5 minutes, after which the dispatcher and the driver try to contact the customer or with the customer if 15 minutes after the time specified in the application you do not approach our driver - the order is considered not performed due to the fault of the customer and the dispatcher releases the car. After the meeting with the client, the driver goes to the airport according to the order.

Transfer: Train Station – Airport:

Meeting at the airport, as a rule, is complicated by a large number of people who meet, sometimes it is even hard to get to the airport building! Also very often the airport information desk gives incorrect information on the exact arrival time of the aircraft + -20 minutes.
Please note that airport information centers usually do not report the earlier arrival time of the aircraft and indicate "scheduled time" (especially domestic flights). In any case, if your aircraft landed before the time specified in the application - wait for our driver, tk. the driver will be exactly to the time specified in the application. If the aircraft is delayed, the delay time is monitored by the help services and our controllers inform the drivers of the actual arrival time of the aircraft to which the vehicle is being delivered.

Even if your flight was delayed by 12 hours, we will still meet you, if there was no preliminary cancellation from the customer!

If you have changed the flight number and you did not inform us about it in advance, we do not guarantee the successful completion of the order.
If your flight has landed at another airport due to force majeure circumstances, the car will be served only after your call to our dispatch service, this is due to the fact that in such circumstances the flight information is not available until the last moment!

After landing, our driver will wait for you in the general waiting room of the arrival hall with the sign indicated in the application.
Keep in mind that if you pass by our driver and do not notice him, going back to the crowd will be quite difficult, because Arriving passengers coming through the crowd waiting, just will not let you do it! In addition, the driver draws a sign to the people leaving the arrival area, and not entering there!

The driver will wait for you 1.5 hours from the moment of boarding the aircraft, if you do not leave in 1.5 hours, the dispatcher will try to contact you or with the customer by contact phone numbers specified in the application, if you fail to contact you - the order is deemed not performed due to your fault , if the dispatcher manages to contact you and you need additional waiting, the driver will wait for you if you pay an additional waiting time for the hourly rate.

Hourly car rental with driver:

When ordering a car rental with a driver around the city, you need to specify the exact car delivery address, time, approximate route and time of the rental termination. Please note that all paid parking is paid by the customer! When going outside the Moscow Ring Road, it will be necessary to make an additional payment in accordance with the Treaty.

Attention! If you did not see it immediately (at the railway station, at the airport or at the hotel) when meeting with the driver, be sure to call our 24-hour phone +7 495 661-5755.

All additional services not specified (not paid) in the order will be provided with payment according to the contract.
The driver independently decides to change the route to the assigned address, according to the situation on the roads and the recommendations of the BBUS dispatcher.

If you specified your mobile phone in the application, an SMS message with data on the car and the contact phone of the driver will be automatically sent to him before the car is delivered. And also, when our car arrives at the customer's address (at the airport or at the railway station), our dispatching service will be automatically called with a notification of the car's delivery.