Meeting at the airport Sheremetyevo

Meeting at the airport Sheremetyevo, information for clients

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Please, read this material, and then you will know exactly all the details and details when meeting and wires at the Sheremetyevo-2 international airport!

Meeting with the airport Sheremetyevo you will start with a paid entrance! In front of the airport you will encounter barriers, then you need to take a check that you will present when leaving the airport (the first 15 minutes are free, for each subsequent hour - 150 rubles.)

The first floor of the airport (under the flyover) is intended for arrival, the second floor is for departure!

If you depart from Sheremetyevo-D, F, E, then you need the second floor of the airport building! The flight number and number of the registration section of your flight (from the 1st to the 4th - the left wing, from the 5th to the 8th - the right wing) you will see on the central scoreboard of the airport, immediately - under the scoreboard, firm for what would give out to tourists documents for departure!

If you arrive in Sheremetyevo, then warn those who meet, that you will leave to the hall on the 1 st floor!

After passing the customs and passport control you enter the baggage claiming room, the baggage claim takes from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. After receiving the luggage, you go to the waiting room, if you are met, the person who meets you will immediately wait for you behind the glass fence.

If you have booked a meeting at the airport at our company in advance (not less than six hours before arrival), then immediately after the glass partition you will be waited for by our driver, in his hands you will see a sign with the inscription "BBUS Company" or with your name ( name of your company).

Keep in mind that our meetingmen hold bright orange plates on one side of the plate, and there is necessarily a "BBUS" inscription.

Very often in the arrival hall there is a large number of people, and you can accidentally pass by our meeting, not having had time to see in the crowd a sign of our meeting! In that case - try to return and find our meeting again, if it is difficult and you did not manage to break through the crowd back, then just use the phone, but in no case turn around and take a taxi!

How to find a phone at Sheremetyevo Airport?

Very simple! He is in the arrivals hall behind the escalator, it is very easy to find and very easy to use - you simply leave a deposit to the cashier 10-15 rubles. ($ 0.5) and call us on the 24-hour phone (495) 661- 5557 or (495) 226-4959. You do not have time to hang up, as our driver will approach your booth! The 24-hour phone is also on the second floor of the airport, which you can climb using an escalator or an elevator!

After 3-4 minutes, the driver will drive the car straight to the airport doors, load your things into the car, help you sit down! Payment is best made upon arrival at the place, tk. at the airport stop for more than 5 minutes!

On our server you can book a transfer on the route Moscow-Airport-Moscow! The cost of the transfer includes all unforeseen tourist expenses! Those. You do not have to pay a surcharge for paid parking at the airport or train station and an extra charge for waiting time when the aircraft is delayed (which goes on regularly). After receiving your application, the manager sends you a written confirmation of the transfer fee, which fully corresponds to our price list!