Program Transport for the future: save in the off-season!


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The program "Transport for the future" will save you a lot of money. This proposal is aimed at those who plan rent buses, minibuses or cars in the off-season, that is, between October and December. The conditions are extremely simple: all that is required of you is to decide on the time and make a reservation. In return, you get a solid discount, the size of which is discussed individually.

The logic of the program

The main purpose of the program "Transport for the future" is to stimulate demand by lowering prices. An additional task is to forecast and plan prospects, up to annual periods. That is why the size of the discount depends on the time: the longer the interval between the preliminary order and the provision of transportation services, the greater the saved amount.

Key Audience

The program interests you 100% if your field of activity is related to:

  • organization of excursion trips;
  • holdibg business events (MICE).

Terms of the program are also beneficial for those who wish to arrange the transfer of employees to the office or from the office. Pre-planned corporate events - than not a reason to reduce the cost of renting a vehicle?

Even the individual customers can take advantage of the favorable conditions of the "Transport for the Future" program. Transfers and delivery of guests before wedding celebrations, transportation of guests for anniversaries - in these and in many other cases you can save an impressive amount, reaching and exceeding 10% of the order amount.


  • Within the framework of the Program, your orders receive the highest priority - you will be provided with transport 100%.
  • AutoBark "BusinessBus" allows you to solve problems of any scale, whether it is an individual transfer to a car of a representative class, a sightseeing trip by bus or corporate departure by minibus.
  • All BBUS vehicles are modern, aesthetic and comfortable - we use cars and buses, issued just a few years ago.
  • "BusinessBus" is a hundred percent reliability and a security guarantee. The technical equipment and condition of all vehicles comply with strict safety standards, including those concerning the transportation of children.

Comfortable interaction

BBUS makes every effort to ensure that the interaction process is easy and comfortable for customers. You will not feel any difficulties during the order, or in the process of its execution: we will help you determine the transport, route and other nuances. If you want to pay for transportation services in a non-cash form, it's not a problem - BusinessBas will provide documentation on VAT allocation.

Surely you still have questions about the cost of renting a car and the terms of its provision. Get answers right now using the data on the page «Contacts». Call the toll-free number 8 (800) 77-55-77-6, and our consultants will immediately provide all the information you need.