Special offer for MICE industry enterprises

Special offer for MICE-agencies for passenger transportation

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Due to the specifics of the activity, BBUS quite often interacts with various MICE-agencies, interested in transport of business events. This direction is developing so intensively that we decided to provide transport services for the MICE industry in a separate segment. The dominant feature of this segment is – extremely flexible adaptation of the service to the needs of the customer. If you represent the interests of any MICE-enterprise, please read the details of our special offer, the purpose of which is – Reduce your costs and make the process of interaction with BBUS even more comfortable.

Benefits for MICE Agencies

  • minimization of costs. The algorithm of execution of your order will imply the maximum possible savings, but not at the expense of the comfort of transport or the level of service, but due to logistics. For example, the capacity of transport and the chronology of the route will be chosen so as to best fit your needs;
  • no restrictions. Feel the absence of obstacles: BBUS will be able to provide transportation with any business event, whether it is a small corporate VIP-exit, for which it will suit minibus hire or a large-scale conference with hundreds of participants;
  • high level of service. Own fleet of BBUS consists of dozens of cars, buses and minibuses, the prevalent number of which is produced in 2015-2018. The condition and technical appearance of vehicles are impeccable, the same is quite true of our drivers.

Pros of regular cooperation

Do you agree, that interact with the same transport company is more convenient than constantly look for new carriers? In addition to a transparent and simple scheme of cooperation, we also offer additional advantages, including security and profitability. If you provide MICE services, expand the list of your business partners with BBUS. At any time you can count on an impressive fleet of BBUS, our professionalism and experience.

In our scheme of interaction with MICE-operators there are no pitfalls – the special offer from BBUS is absolutely mutually beneficial. Operating in the transport services market for more than 6 years, we have fulfilled more than a thousand orders of MICE-agencies, studied your needs in detail, gained a solid experience and a strong positive reputation. For example, we know for sure that the vast majority of events in the MICE industry are planned in advance, which is why we are interested in you. Planning will allow us to improve transportation services, and you – receive them at a reasonable and competitive cost without any risks.

Let's develop together – Together we will achieve more!