Refund in case of refusal to transport


Order by email:

The CUSTOMER has the right to cancel the application, the refund of transferred funds, is made to your bank account within 5— 30 working days (the period depends on the Bank that issued your bank card).

If the Customer withdraws the application within a period of less than 24 hours before the moment of submission of vehicles, no refunds shall be made.

If the transport is delayed due to the fault of the EXECUTOR, except for cases when such delay is caused by circumstances beyond the control of the Contractor (in such cases: mechanical damage to the vehicle that occurred not through the fault of the Contractor and impedes the vehicle's movement, road blocking), more than 60 minutes, the CUSTOMER has the right to cancel the application. In this case, the transport is not considered to have come at the place of fulfilling the order, the CONTRACTOR shall refund the transferred funds to your bank account and pay the CUSTOMER a fine of 10% of the cost of renting a vehicle upon request.